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About Us

Plybyteet is producing innovative and modern furniture with a Nordic touch from plywood. The material is carefully chosen to satisfy the utmost level of quality. As the production is based in Estonia we value sustainability together with simplicity and try to make our furniture in line with these goals. Our exquisite technique allows us to transport  it to everywhere and make it accessible to everybody. 


Our furniture is made from thick and solid natural birch plywood. Additionally, the products are coated with environment friendly water-based varnish and paints. We choose our materials carefully and thoroughly. We keep in mind latest trend in sustainability and require the highest standards from our suppliers.


Our innovative and new technique ensures the quality and durability of our products. We use a special system which allows us to integrate every detail together without glue or screws. That enables us to make the assembly of our furniture effortless and swift at any moment in any household without the assistance of any tools.

Our Technique

For Children

Stylish and safe furniture 'Elisabeth' for children

There is always room for another friend

For Posteriour

 'Where is my remote?' or 'Where can I place my feet while relaxing?'

For Coffee Cup


We Are


OÜ Ruumipuu


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